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In November, leading thinkers took over our flexible, hybrid space for WIRED Impact, an annual event examining sustainability and ESG on a global scale. Over the course of a day, climate scientists, industry leaders, and green innovators discussed the ideas, technologies, and trends shaping today’s business environment and helping tackle humankind’s most pressing problem: climate change.

Talks were held on a main stage in the expansive ‘black box’ of Space 2 and across the smaller mezzanines. Here, representatives from research institutions and NGOs, as well as big tech and pioneering startups discussed topics like sustainable packaging, carbon removal, climate policies, food systems, renewable energy, and waste management. 

To convey the urgency and importance of the topics discussed, a personal atmosphere was required. Thanks to our hi-spec technical capabilities creating allowing for ambient lighting and top quality sound, both spaces felt intimate without being cramped.

In the bright and airy Space 1, a drinks reception and exhibition were set up, against an impressive London backdrop. Here we invited visitors to mingle, discuss, and learn in a more relaxed setting. Whether born of casual conversation or inspiring presentation, WIRED Impact showed that our spaces support the big ideas of tomorrow.